Endodontic Therapy

Endodontic therapy is the treatment for an infected tooth, and is commonly known as a root canal. During the therapy, the infected pulp at the base of the tooth is replaced with inert material and sealed. The objective is to prevent the bacteria from spreading through the root canal, and to preserve the tooth.

Signs that a root canal is needed are not always obvious. A qualified dentist from J. Michael Fay, DDS, PA will do an examination of the area to determine the extent of your tooth condition, along with advising you of options for treatment. Ignoring the issue and hoping the pain will go away is definitely not the answer.
root canal treatment - Dentistry in Wilmington, DE
See your dentist immediately if you are experiencing dull or intense pain, experience trauma resulting in a broken a tooth, have unusual sensitivity to hot or cold liquids, or notice swollen gums. You can help avoid a root canal by scheduling regular dental check-ups, practicing good oral hygiene and good nutrition.

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